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Société Toussiana Karité Cosmétiques et Comestibles


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human by nature

Human by Nature


Established on the cliffs of Toussiana in the southwest of Burkina Faso since 2004, our society more than a company is the tool of a triple ambition. The ambition to be able to create, in rural areas in the heart of West Africa, value from traditional know-how and local products.
The ambition to allow women for whom everything seemed to have been played out to acquire a certain autonomy and gain confidence. The ambition to be an engine of sustainable development and biodiversity.


Today we are at your service to offer you wherever you want in the world products of exceptional quality,
all bearers of a strong history ...

creator of organic and fair trade Shea Butter since 2004


Located in the heart of the shea development zone, we offer you an exceptional shea butter extracted and prepared by those who are at the origin. ...

Hibiscus flower farmer in agroecology



Produced mainly on our agro-ecological pilot farm in Toussiana, our Hibiscus Flower has received the best care whatsoever for ...

pioneer in African Aloe vera



Simple return to the source for Aloe vera, we are developing a cultivation program associated with Shea, but ... shhh ... it's growing!



An experienced and passionate team


Since its creation in 2004, SOTOKACC has been supported by a team particularly motivated by the company's project. Mainly female, the team was able to move from a manual workshop to a semi-industrial unit while retaining the skills and abilities essential to its ancestral know-how.


As and when the needs arise, we are strengthening its human base with more technical resources such as management, accounting and industry aspects.

100% organic, fair and vegan


SOTOKACC has been committed since its creation in a social and environmental approach. In the absence of nationally recognized certification in Burkina Faso, we wanted to promote this spirit in 2007 by approaching international standards such as the European regulations on organic farming.

Thus, today all our products are certified organic and fair trade by ECOCERT.


SOTOKACC is also vegan friendly, none of these activities involve the use of meat products, moreover it is attentive to questions of animal abuse with its partners.