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Established on the cliffs of Toussiana in the southwest of Burkina Faso since 2004, our society more than a company is the tool of a triple ambition. The ambition to be able to create, in rural areas in the heart of West Africa, value from traditional know-how and local products.


The ambition to allow women for whom everything seemed to have been played out to acquire a certain autonomy and gain confidence. The ambition to be an engine of sustainable development and biodiversity.


Today we are at your service to offer you wherever you want in the world products of exceptional quality, all bearers of a strong history.


You can view our policy RSE, here.

be closer to African women


Founded by a daughter of Toussiana, Nathalie OUATTARA, SOTOKACC is a tool of emancipation for African women. It has been certified in fair trade by ECOCERT since 2008.


Its actions within the framework of its equitable development fund are mainly focused on these aspects of emancipation and empowerment.


In particular, they have invested in pilot projects to facilitate their activity.


For example in the operation "Never again on the head!",

They have set up a collective organization for the collection of shea nuts and a motorized mode of transport between the collection areas and their storage points. This enabled them to stop carrying loads of more than 40 kg on their heads for several kilometers. Today, we have integrated this practice into the value of shea nuts and these collectors no longer carry these heavy loads.

Committed to biodiversity

Shea is a major tree of the African savannah. With a powerful and varied root system, it retains the soil and allows the rise of the water table for the benefit of other plants. It is a shelter for many animals and also a pantry.


For example, elephants are very fond of shea pulp which is very sweet.

Traditionally sacred, it grows in fields as well as in uncultivated forests. Threatened by intensive agriculture, excessive logging, competition from non-local species such as mango or cashew, Shea butter is in the process of a sharp decline.


Also, offering real economic value to its nuts is the guarantee of its conservation and that of the floral and faunistic procession that accompanies it.