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creator of organic and fair trade Shea Butter since 2004

We offer 3 qualities of shea butter from our organic and fair trade chain :

Our organic fair trade "Premium" Raw Shea Butter is extracted from a selection of our best wild shea almonds. Collected in the forest savannas of Burkina Faso, territories of African elephants and red monkeys, these almonds offer a concentrate of nature.

For this butter,we have developed an exclusive extraction process which guarantees the preservation of all the plant active ingredients contained in shea almonds. This butter is particularly neutral on the olfactory and chemical level. It is intended to be incorporated into the most demanding natural cosmetics based on Shea butter.

Our organic fair trade "Classic" Raw Shea Butter is inspired by the experience gained with "Premium" butter. The shea kernels at the origin of this butter come from networks of organic fair trade collectors and producers united in cooperatives. Under their shea butter, these cultivators produce in agroforestry other organic crops such as Cotton, Sesame or Hibiscus.

Our organic fair trade deodorized Shea Butter is offered to you to meet the strictest criteria of cosmetic laboratories in terms of physical and chemical characteristics. It benefits from the knowhow European in terms of refining and standardization and allows you to combine sourcing as close as possible to the origin with a refined material that guarantees the quality of your best formulations.